I recently completed a course of physical therapy for my knees at your Palm Harbor office, and I wanted you to know what an extraordinary experience it was. Andrew was my therapist most of the time, and he was wonderful–professional, pleasant and thoroughly knowledgeable. Diane was not only friendly but very efficient, as well. And after the first week or so, she recognized my voice on the phone without my having to identify myself. And Annette was a cut from the same mold as Andrew.

What impressed me was that this office ran on time, and I received one-on-one therapy. I have had PT in the past where the therapist was helping me and several other patients at the same time, and I always wondered how effective that was for the patient. Now, I know. Andrew and Annette made good use of the intense time we spent together–I had a complete and sometimes challenging workout while they were educating me about my joints, body mechanics and muscle groups.

You and I both know that is what should happen with each and every clinical encounter, but education is often neglected when time is short or therapists are overworked. I appreciate your and your staff’s dedication to high clinical standards, especially in these challenging economical times when it would perhaps be easier to pack patients in to make more money. As a result, I felt ready to end therapy, start back at my gym, and my knees haven’t given me any pain.

I have taken several of your business cards and will gladly recommend you to my colleagues and my physicians. Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to your excellent staff.

Laura M., RN

I have referred patients to Ekren Physical Therapy for over 20 years. Their hands-on, personal approach (1 patient per physical therapist per time slot) combined with extensive training and experience has been a great benefit to my patients. Yalcin and Filiz Ekren are both McKenzie certified as manual diagnostic therapists; their credentials, training, and experience set them apart.

I have spent many hours developing specific rehabilitation protocols for post-operative physical therapy for shoulder and knee patients, in collaboration with Yalcin Ekren, RPT.

Yalcin & I have over 40 years combined experience in orthopaedic rehabilitation. He and his physical therapists are familiar with the rehabilitation protocols; this familiarity imbues patient confidence and helps in speedy recovery and early return to work or activities.

Ekren PT is a provider for many insurance companies and networks, and they have 4 convenient locations, allowing them to serve all of the Tampa Bay area.

Charles E. Abrahamsen, MD

Dear Friends, Masters of the Art of Physical Therapy:

My accident left me in a wheelchair and immobilized on my left side. I could not use my left leg or my left arm. Although I had twenty physical therapy sessions at home from another company, I was not advancing as I should have been. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Ekren Physical Therapy Services, Inc. My physical therapist was Yalcin Ekren. His knowledge, observations, explanations and recommendations have helped me in my recovery process tremendously. My concerns and questions were answered promptly with patience and kindness no matter if I asked twice. I was always treated with respect, dignity and compassion. I received phenomenal support from not only Yalcin Ekren but Filiz Ekren and their friendly, courteous and helpful staff. Choosing the right therapist is not only a decision, it is “The Decision”. I feel truly blessed to have made the right one.

Margarita G.

I appreciate all the warmth, kindness and smiling faces while attending this wonderful facility. I would like to thank you for the GREAT help in getting the use and healing of my arm and shoulder back again. God Bless each and every one of you.


C. G.